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Have you wondered what it takes to go from a 5 figures salary to a 6 figures salary? My name is Franklin Morillo, and I was born and raised in the Dominican Republic, an island in the Caribbean. I came to the United States when I was 21 years old with nothing — zero, nada. In fact, I didn’t have any friends or any contacts that could help me get a job in a nice place. I had to start from the ground.

I had to start from the ground.

I can tell you that I felt vulnerable, alone, and even depress at times because I was immigrating to a new country where I only had my mother and siblings. My longtime friends were not around, and what made it more difficult was that I needed to learn a new language, English.

Dreams are powerful, and I had a dream. My dream was to achieve financial stability and get a bachelor’s degree. But, it’s very difficult to achieve some dreams — especially those dreams that are related to financial stability.

In 2014, I started working at Walmart as a cashier. It’s common for young people to start working in customer service jobs. I was earning $9 dollars an hour, and I used to work around 25 hours per week. Also, I had a college job where I used to work 19 hours at $9 per hour. My third job was in a hotel where I only worked 5 hours on Saturdays, and they paid me $100 bi-weekly. As you can see, I was working three jobs that would be equivalent to a full-time job; however, that’s not all. I used to go to college full-time, as well, and instead of taking only 12 credits, I used to take 14 or 15 credits. At this point in my life, I was making around $496 weekly or around $1,984 monthly before tax. That would add up to $23,800 annually — that’s not a lot of money.

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I was able to go through college and work at the same time using a brilliant strategy. On the days that I went to college, I would work minimum hours to zero hours. That alone allowed me to focus either on work or college. The days that I worked I didn’t choose any courses, and the days that I went to college I didn’t pick up any hours at any of my part-time jobs. I can tell you that it was a crazy schedule because there were days that I would leave my house at 6 AM and come back at midnight after my late shift at Walmart.

… I would leave my house at 6 AM and come back at midnight after my late shift at Walmart.

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I do remember I used to tell my colleagues that one day I would get a job that I would earn more than $30 an hour. There were some colleagues who said that it was impossible, and they didn’t know where I would make that kind of money. There were others that said that they would believe it when they see it.

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I had a dream, I had a plan, and I was executing my plan. I planned out all the courses I would take every semester. I started getting important certifications in my field of work. And, wow, it happened. I finished my college degree and landed a job that would pay me $31 an hour. I was so happy. Finally, my plan had worked out. Instead of earning $24K per year, now I was making $59K per year. But that’s not all. Once I achieve my dream of getting financial stability and a college degree, I wanted to earn more.

Fast forward to 2021, I invest in real estate and work as an engineer. I earn a total of $114000 with real estate and my professional job. In addition to that, I opened my own company to support small and medium-size businesses with their technology needs. That side hustle is allowing me to earn more and more every year.

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Life is hard, but you have to be better than your problem. I was able to achieve my American dream, but so can you. We just need to have a dream, a plan, execute it, and be persistent. In the end, you would get what you wish to obtain.

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