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Believe in a better future. 

Believe that you can fulfill your dreams, your goals. 

Believe that you can go above and beyond. 

Believe that you can overcome your fears. 

Believe that you’re awesome, and no one can stop you. 

Believe that the time and money invested to gain knowledge would bring wealth to your life.

Believe that even when your days are like a storm, the sun is going to come out, shine, and smile at you.

We worry too much about what other people think about us. The reality is that if you fall, few people are going to be there to lift you up. Life is not perfect, and even perfect plans don’t work exactly as planned. Worry about what you can control. Don’t worry about the things that you can’t control. I wish I could control the weather, other people’s reactions, close friends and family members while taking unintelligent decisions, but I can’t control those things. 

You need to stand up every day and tell the world how awesome you are. You need to dream. Stop thinking that a bright future is to just study for many years to retire at 65 and then enjoy your life. Time won’t come back. Every day we age and lose strength. Before work is family. Family will be there in good and bad times. 

Love haters. Love them because you give what you have in your heart. Love them because they are jealous of your talent and success. Love them because you can teach them that there’s a better future for them, too.

Be humble. Remember that you needed assistance even to be delivered in this world. If you want to achieve some goals, go alone. But if you want to conquer the world, you’ll need a team.

I didn’t choose to be born wealthy or poor. Now, I can choose if I die wealthy or poor. Every decision counts. Every decision we make has its outcomes. Think and execute. Strive for the best. 

In the end, you set your own limits.