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Protecting your Business against Cyberthreats – Montas offers custom-tailored cybersecurity, web, & marketing solutions that allow you to focus on growing your business. Our goal is to help your business stay secure by providing the best solutions on the market, which will significantly reduce your risk of a cybersecurity attack.


CyberSecurity Consultation

We can help you solve your current issues and reduce risks. By focusing on effective controls and modern cybersecurity solutions that can mitigate risk, we can further improve the overall digital footprint of your organizations.

Montas Business Security 2.0

If your business needs a transformation from a security standpoint, we are the perfect place for you. We’ll assess your security and recommend the networking equipment, cameras, & access controls you need.

Security Camera & Lightning Automation

We offer a variety of security cameras that can help you protect your home and business. Need camera installation, no problem. Our technicians are able to do a professional installation of security cameras and automate your lighting, as well.

Franklin Morillo Montas, Montas LLC Enterprise Technology services

Advance Cyber Security Monitoring

We use state of the art software and appliances to monitor your network and stop the bad guys. Don’t wait too long to protect your assets.

Website Design

With over a decade of experience, Montas is an expert creating websites. We create astonishing websites that your customers love. We are your professional, friendly, and expert web designers. Whether your web project is a wedding website, corporate website, web design or digital marketing, we are the perfect web designers for you.

Next-Gen Firewall Installation

Protect your business against cyber-threats with next generation firewalls. Keep your business safe using anti-malware, web proxy, data loss prevention, and other features. Would you like to use two factor authentication, sure, you’re in the right place.



Security Services & Solutions

Securing you company can be a challenging task, but with Montas it is easier than ever. We love to take care of your cyber security needs, and we are extremely passionate about helping protect the tools that you use everyday. Learn more about how we can secure your company and your employees and the range of services.


Free Tools, Software & Resources

If you’re interested in testing awesome premium tools, please, let us know.
– Premium Anti-virus, Antimalware software.
– Email Threat Prevention: It Stops Advanced Threats And Protects your Data & Users.

Web Design

Stand out with our award winning website designs and templates.  

Our websites include the following features: Blog Platform, Modern Templates, SEO, Social Integrations, Mobile Friendly, Content Management. Also, we host our websites on Amazon Web Services, AWS, so your website is super fast. Imagine, Netflix, Hulu, and other streaming websites are hosted on AWS.

Take advantage of our awesome knowledge in digital marketing on Facebook, Instagram, Google, LinkedIn, and other platforms.

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